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Sudanese Lost Boy Turned Politician in North Dakota

By Malak Geu

Fargo, North Dakota, April. 02, 2022- A 37-years old benevolent, Matuor Dot Alier who devoted much of his philanthropy work to help immigrants and New Americans families integrate has joined the race for Commissioner seat.

Mr. Alier announced his bit for commissioner position in the upcoming elections with hope to bring in fresh ideas and energy to the table. Minority representation will be among the top items to debate on as most immigrants want to exhibit change in the Republican run state.

If elected to the office on June 14, 2022, he will bring along special experiences and rich cultural background from local ethnic groups where he serves over the years. His education from Penn State University armed him with great leadership skills that will be quite beneficial to the city of Fargo.

Official campaigns are under way and the winner will be determined in June. For the last couple of years, Mr. Alier (pictured left) had shown interest in serving his community by working for non-profit organizations in Fargo-Moorhead area.

He served at several organization including the New American Consortium, Cass County social services, South Sudanese Foundation and in housing and Rehabilitation Program under city of Fargo.

Immigrants seem to be invisible, but they also deserve a chance to be represented in managerial positions. Majority of immigrant youth acknowledged that there is literally lack of inclusiveness not only in managerial positions, but also in law enforcement sector.

Minority community want their voices heard and have equal treatment not only at the Cass County or city of Fargo, but also at the state level. Precisely, the marginalized groups feel there is a gap in between when it comes to social service deliverance.

“13.64% minority population according to 2021 census is not a small number and therefore there is an urgent need to pay attention to issues affecting minorities,” said Mr. Alier. The racial and ethnic composition of North Dakota is composed of smaller number of minorities as stated in the last couple of national census. "This seems to be a right time to proposed policies and laws that will accommodate multiculturalism and inclusiveness in North Dakota,” he added.

Matuor is such an outgoing person who usually finds passion in what he does. His enthusiast to volunteer when asked by non-profit organizations like the New American Consortium and South Sudanese Foundation was fabulous.


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